* Reiki / Resonance Sessions - Packages Availble: Reiki as a healing and personal growth system with the intention of addressing all areas and visualizing the locations of the meridian and chakra energy systems in the body. Guided through techniques to help you access your intuition. Heal unwanted patterns and learn how to manifest your goals. Practice for power, release, transcending time/space and connect with your insightful self, accessing different levels of consciousness. Reiki as a universal energy that has been used successfully all over the world to heal emotional, physical and energetic imbalances. On yourself, being THE BODY capable to heal by and on itself, and others.

* Reiki / Resonance Session - Packages Availble: REIKI from the distance focuses on:

- Using aspects of the Reiki energy to clear unwanted habits and manifest your goals.

- Learn and perform attunements on yourself and others interested in an everyday Reiki practice.

- Choice to connect with other like-minded individual after to enhance personal growth and/or work on any imbalances within yourself or those around you.