About us




I have always had a passion for holistic health and natural animal intuition/instinct on one side, and for acting and natured communication on the other side. I pursued Acting, Therapeutic Tai Chi and International Business, Negotiation and Marketing Master Degrees; and after graduations continued to seek out ways to improve the health of myself and others, and the way to connect all these three, as well as my personal growth for the best of humanity and a better world. Furthermore, I was introduced to Reiki, receiving my attunements and Reiki Master Certification. Traveling around the World to achieve these experiences and develop these passions have given me the opportunity of being able to speak fluently the four languages I manage nowadays. All these have been an integral part of my life both personally and professionally.


Healing, Helping and making others vibrate is my passion, and I am so grateful to be able to serve others, improving their health, life and goals or passions. And I feel honored to be at your service. l promise and commit to do my very best to ensure you have a rewarding and meaningful experience with C Immersion.




Follow your heart and soul, and if C Immersion resonates with you, feel free to CONTACT US & JOIN OUR INITIATIVE!